Become Self-Employed – How to Make a Living Without a Job

One way to make a living without a job is to become self-employed. Becoming self-employed is not always easy and it requires a lot of courage, determination and hard work to make a good living. If you are toying with the idea of becoming your own boss or have already made up your mind to do so, then here are some tips you might want to check out:

1. Discovering Your Passions And Skills

One of the reasons why most people become self-employed apart from the freedom, is because they want to get involved in something they are passionate about and still able to make a good living from it. So the first thing you need to do is to list out all the marketable skills you have that are somewhat related to your interests.

For instance, if your passion is soccer, it doesn’t meant that you have to be a soccer player in order to make a living, but you can perhaps be a freelance writer for soccer magazines or various websites. Or you can even setup an online store to sell soccer merchandise if you have the budget. Remember, all skills can be learned if you’re determined enough.

Once you have decided how you will bring in an income, then you can do start doing some careful planning

2. Careful Planning

The next thing you need to do is to plan and calculate the amount of money you need for the year to meet your financial requirements. How much money do you need for your daily expenses, insurance, bills, and etc. Always have a backup plan, what are the things you can do if all things fail?

3. Execution And Take Action

And finally, execution! A dream is just a dream if you don’t take action. It is possible to make a living without a traditional job, but the question is, are you willing to take the first step in realizing your dream?

Make Money Without Money – Pet Sitting, a Little Love Brings Big Returns

With tough economic times, more and more people are searching for ways to make extra money without any money upfront, if you love pets then pet sitting is an option you might want to consider. We live in a highly mobile society and whether for business or pleasure, people on the average travel a fair amount. It is often difficult to take your pets with you especially if you are flying or taking a cruise, so this leaves the pet owner with the difficult task of what to do with their beloved dog, cat, or bird. Kennels can be very expensive and often can be quite traumatic for the pet; they can even make them sick.

That is where pet sitting comes in, as a pet sitter you will either come to your client’s home, or you will bring their pet to your home depending on your client’s preference. You will feed, water, exercise and love their pet while they are gone. You may also need to provide grooming, and if the pet is ill, or elderly you might be asked to give them medications as well.

To start this business all you will need is time and a lot of love, your clients will supply the rest. As time goes on pet sitters normally will get bonded, so that owners feel comfortable allowing them access to their homes. You might also consider obtaining certifications in pet sitting and animal first aid.

You will want to print up some paper work on your computer for your new business, a contract, a pet information sheet, and a daily log. The pet information sheet will list all the dogs’ vital information including age, any medical conditions, allergies, and most importantly the name and phone number of their vet. A daily log will be for you to fill out while the pet owner is away, this will allow them to see what time you have spent with their pet, and what you did with them while the owner was away.

Once you have all your preparations in place, then it is time to advertise your pet business, start with flyers and business cards as these can be designed on your computer and printed out for no extra money, provided you have the paper and ink. Once you have completed a few jobs consider taking out an ad in your local newspaper.

Pet sitting services are very popular these days and depending on what is available in your area, you may find that soon you are booked up solid for months, and need to hire more people. Suddenly the business you started without money is bringing in more money than you could possibly have imagined.

Make Money – Choose to Make Money Without Money


The biggest concern that many people face when considering income generating projects is the amount of capital they can afford to raise. Making money without money should therefore sound like a great option because it takes away such concerns considerably. Yet there are more reasons that will make the idea of making money without money a very worthwhile if not the best idea. There also plenty of advantages that choosing this option brings to anyone who chooses it.


By choosing making money without money as one’s entrepreneurship model one will be assured of flexibility. Most of the ideas that one will opt for will allow them to make a living in a way that they consider most appropriate. As such any one can opt for this approach ranging from anyone out of work or someone taking a break from studies or employment.

Low or no capital

Making money without money as the title suggests implies that the input one is expected to put is either very low or absolutely non existent. One will therefore not worry of how to raise the money to start the project that they have decided upon. Where this is necessary, the money involved will be extremely low such as ten dollars to start selling water.

No prerequisite skills

One of the most attractive things that any who decides at making money without money enjoys is that it requires very basic or no skills at all. This makes it an idea that anyone can pursue and make reasonable returns. For those with skills more so those specialized and rare they may even make bigger returns without investing anything. For those who require certain skills the internet is the biggest classroom from where free online lessons and guides will be availed.

Immediate returns

Another interesting aspect of making money without money is that one earns their money promptly. In most of the activities under this scheme payment is usually rendered as soon as the service or product has been delivered. It can therefore be used to settle urgent needs. This makes it even better than many jobs and businesses where one may have to wait for some time.

Minimal time

Making money without money does not require one to put in much money. In fact it is the person carrying out the project who decides how much time they want to dedicate for their project.


Making money without money is one of the few opportunities that one can run several projects all at once. Furthermore one can choose to use all their skills hence become a jack of all trades. This will enable them make use of their different strengths. Eventually one may settle on one that they can base their making money without money enterprise.


Before embarking on it, making money without money could sound a very risky affair. Once one gets on with the job, they will find it very rewarding both financially and in many other ways. They could end up doing it for a long time.