How to Make a Living Without a Job

Do you wake up in the morning dreading the day ahead because you hate your job? Are you at the point in your life where you have worked for years, maybe decades, but you have had enough and are ready to strike out on your own? Good for you! Do it! Quit your job!

Did you just panic at the thought of quitting your job? Are you thinking you wish you could but you still need the income? Did you know you actually can quit your job and still make a living? How? By starting on your pursuit of joblessness and making a living without a job. By finally taking control of your life and living the life you deserve. By living your dreams and earning a living doing work you are passionate about.

No, it’s not a pipe dream. Countless others have taken the plunge, quit their soul sucking jobs and created income streams using their talents, skills and passions. Wouldn’t you love to wake up in the morning (when your body wants to wake up, not when a jarring alarm clock forces you to) and actually look forward to the day? No more stressful commute to a workplace that causes anxiety and is detrimental to your health. Spend your days doing work that makes you happy for a change! Get paid to do “work” you enjoy. How?

Think of two or three activities that you enjoy doing. Think of one or two skills that you know you do well. Do you have a hobby that you love but rarely have time to enjoy? Let’s combine some of those items to create a non-job for which you will be paid.

Maybe someone enjoys cooking and traveling and swimming. And they happen to write fairly well, or even just so-so. And their hobby is collecting 1st edition books from their favorite authors. How would this person make a living from these activities? Are you stumped already because you can’t imagine how someone would combine cooking and swimming and collecting books? Ah, you are making this more complicated than it needs to be. How about if this person draws upon their writing skills to create a blog (monetized of course). They can write about any one of their favorite activities or their hobbies and voila! Instant income stream!

Of course for a beginner there isn’t much money in one blog. But set up several blogs (one for each passion; super simple and costs next to nothing) that are sprinkled with advertisements (you get a commission from the ads) and there is one simple way to make a living without a job.

Another income stream could employ their love of cooking. They could start putting out the word that they can cater small parties. Or they can offer their services as a personal cook for busy families. Or they can start a cake decorating business. They might go in a totally different direction and offer cooking classes for kids on weekends or set up a summer “camp” offering cooking classes.

Where there’s a will there’s a way! If you are dying to quit your job and live your life joyfully jobless start developing your income streams today.