Make Money Without Money – Pet Sitting, a Little Love Brings Big Returns

With tough economic times, more and more people are searching for ways to make extra money without any money upfront, if you love pets then pet sitting is an option you might want to consider. We live in a highly mobile society and whether for business or pleasure, people on the average travel a fair amount. It is often difficult to take your pets with you especially if you are flying or taking a cruise, so this leaves the pet owner with the difficult task of what to do with their beloved dog, cat, or bird. Kennels can be very expensive and often can be quite traumatic for the pet; they can even make them sick.

That is where pet sitting comes in, as a pet sitter you will either come to your client’s home, or you will bring their pet to your home depending on your client’s preference. You will feed, water, exercise and love their pet while they are gone. You may also need to provide grooming, and if the pet is ill, or elderly you might be asked to give them medications as well.

To start this business all you will need is time and a lot of love, your clients will supply the rest. As time goes on pet sitters normally will get bonded, so that owners feel comfortable allowing them access to their homes. You might also consider obtaining certifications in pet sitting and animal first aid.

You will want to print up some paper work on your computer for your new business, a contract, a pet information sheet, and a daily log. The pet information sheet will list all the dogs’ vital information including age, any medical conditions, allergies, and most importantly the name and phone number of their vet. A daily log will be for you to fill out while the pet owner is away, this will allow them to see what time you have spent with their pet, and what you did with them while the owner was away.

Once you have all your preparations in place, then it is time to advertise your pet business, start with flyers and business cards as these can be designed on your computer and printed out for no extra money, provided you have the paper and ink. Once you have completed a few jobs consider taking out an ad in your local newspaper.

Pet sitting services are very popular these days and depending on what is available in your area, you may find that soon you are booked up solid for months, and need to hire more people. Suddenly the business you started without money is bringing in more money than you could possibly have imagined.