Make Money Without Money – Sewing Your Way to Neat Profits

If your family is like many other families there is not a lot of money to invest in making an additional income on the side, but if you own a sewing machine then you have everything you need to make money without any money. Many moms want to stay at home, but with rising costs are finding the need for extra money is driving them to find alternatives. Being handy with a sewing machine opens up a number of different opportunities to earn some extra cash.

Since you already more than likely have a sewing machine and all the equipment that goes with it, all that remains is to decide what type of sewing you would like to do. A mending service will attract many single men or women, anyone that either lacks the skills or the time to do their own sewing would benefit from such a service. Well placed fliers at Laundromats, conveniences stores and grocery stores will target this crowd nicely.

Custom embroidery is another excellent money making opportunity if you have the skill and proper equipment. Offer your services to schools, sports teams, and anyone else in your area that might need uniforms. This type of business requires you to be good with other people because most of your contracts will come from face to face meetings with schools, stores and team managers.

Another excellent way to make money from your sewing is by making custom drapes or curtains. If you have ever purchased curtains from your local department store you know that some of them can be terrible quality, your other alternative is to buy them sight unseen from catalogs or purchase them from a custom drapery store which is very costly.

There are not too many people making custom drapes so your income potential is very good with this option. Apartment buildings and rental units always need drapes at reasonable prices so this could be a good source of first time clients for you. Again you will need to get out in the field and meet your potential customers so make up samples of your work and create a price sheet that allows you to give them immediate price quotes. Be sure to advertise with fliers also, there are many families out there that will want custom drapes and curtains for their home as well.

Finally you might wish to consider making clothing such as dresses for special occasions, everyday apparel for special sizes, or specialty items such as aprons or stuffed toys. Much will depend on where you live and what the market is like, so take that into consideration. Many of these items can be sold on eBay as well; there is a thriving market for quality handmade items such as these on the Internet.

Sewing high quality items takes talent; if you have that talent it will be in high demand, so take advantage of the opportunity and use your creativity and skill to make money without money.